5th international degrozth conference – 5 nemzetközi nemnövekedés konferencia.

Radio emission about degrowth

As a peak of our Open Source series, this episode celebrates the birth of Cargonomia, a forward-looking project that blends several socially and environmentally conscious ideas and movements that include Cyclonomia Do it Yourself Bicycle Social Cooperative, Zsamboki Biokert, an organic vegetable farm and sustainable agriculture community education center which distributes weekly vegetable boxes to food communities in Budapest, and Kantaa, a self organized bike messenger and delivery company”.

Degrowth and food production with Logan and Zsámbok Organic Garden:

Degrowth and DiY, low-tech and Cyclonomia:

Degrowth sources: Karl Polanyi and Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen:

Degrowth and Transition network with Tracey Wheatley and Transition in Hungary.

Our last programme was (soon online): Degrowth sources 2: Ivan Illich, Cornelius Castoriadis and André Gorz.

KÖSZ  Fehér Sára

Thanks Vince, Feri, Logi, Traci, Levi  and Radiozora.